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Background story: Such Pretty Eyes’ Inspiration

Every day is filled with challenging personal family emotional turbulence and sometimes the fires can’t be put out, my friend. The damage, especially to young people in the USA from the barrage of an excess of ever-present social dilemma greed assaults is weakening the mental health and stability of my beautiful children! I can’t win them back. I can’t help them. They can no longer see me as their friend and neither of them have a single real friend in this world. I look at their empty souls and frightened eyes and I feel as if I am at their funeral. I cannot reach their hearts any longer!

I have seen so many people live in so much fear that the e-media completely steals their souls. It’s as if people are experiencing very, very early onset Alzheimer’s disease… They are there but miles away and unreachable. They desperately need a friend but they are to afraid to let you in!