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John A. Salerno, the creative force behind Polytech Records’ worldwide streaming songs and YouTube Channel Music Videos, draws inspiration from the heartful tunes of the 60s, echoing the sentiments of iconic figures like Marley and Dylan. His music and videos reflect a fusion of timeless human emotions, 60s dreams, and the marvels of the 21st century.

His songs have been heard on every continent and on Radio Internationally. He was interviewed by Tokyo Radio in the early 1990s as an “Up and Coming Songriter”.

Reflecting on his songwriting journey, John discovered a consistent theme in all his compositions: “social harmony”. Whether envisioning a world without war or a society devoid of discrimination, his songs consistently embody dreams, hope, drive, and energy for a world with more love and less war. Despite the perceived insignificance of a single individual’s influence, it remains a constant creative fuel and sincere expression in every song.

Key recurring themes in his work include:

Looking Beneath the Surface: Encouraging the appreciation of true value by reading beyond the covers.

Life as a Borrowed Relationship: Describing life as a borrowed relationship with a limited timeline, akin to an interactive movie ticket. Emphasizing the importance of learning from diverse relationships.

Acknowledging the challenges, such as a reluctant voice and budget constraints, John humorously references his potato chip addiction in his latest song, “Potato Chips.” He whimsically shares two wishes if granted a magic lamp:

Wish One: Potato chips that induce a thirst for peace.

Wish Two: Making a difference as a caring friend to those in need.

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